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Enter the project name and create your configuration


Streetware operation

Simply enter the variables that apply to your project (e.g. ambient temperature, geographical position, scheduled maintenance) and select the line of iGuzzini products you would like to use. The luminous flux and type of optic should also be indicated using lighting calculation software (e.g. Dialux, Relux, AGI32).

For more information, read this short guide.

Streetware will then process a number of different solutions according to the parameters entered and the following criteria:
  1. Lower purchase cost or energy efficiency: you can decide whether to use a product with less LEDs and a higher current, or more LEDs and a lower current;

  2. Operating modes:
    1. CLO - Constant Lumen Output for the entire life of the product
      The luminaire will eliminate the excess energy quota normally used to contrast the deterioration of light flux during the product's life cycle

    2. CPI – Constant Power Input
      Using this luminous flux mode for the product, it will operate during the last year of its life at exactly the level required for the project. This mode limits the excess energy quota during the product's life cycle.

      The luminaire will operate at the constant power level set in the factory settings.
The CLO and CPI modes involve programming the product with a USB device and Streetware USB software.
In addition to the configuration files, Streetware will also generate a detailed report including the life data of the system in PDF format.
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